PRESS RELEASE: Zero Doubt Club’s Healthy Meal Prep Delivery Service Grows Operation

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2 min readNov 21, 2022

CLEVELAND — November 11, 2022 — Holistic health team Zero Doubt Club today announced an expansion of their healthy meal prep service with support from a new partnership with Central Kitchen of Cleveland, located on Carnegie and 75th Street. The collaboration enables Zero Doubt Club to move from a rented kitchen to an owned 1,500-square-foot kitchen pod, where the operation is expected to grow tenfold.

Zero Doubt Club’s mission is to help people become the best version of themselves through 1:1 fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching. Since its launch, the meal prep program has been a critical way for clients to integrate healthy food into their daily lives by eliminating the need to shop, cook, or clean.

“We hear from many clients that our meal prep service is a life changer that makes healthy eating convenient.” — Jeremy Torchinsky, Managing Partner

Zero Doubt Club currently produces over 300 meals per week for pick-up or delivery across Northeast Ohio. Customers can purchase one-time orders a la carte, a single pack of 5 or 10 meals, or a recurring weekly subscription. Each meal is prepared without preservatives, GMOs, gluten, dairy, sodium, sugars, unhealthy oils, unhealthy fats, or butter. Vegetarian, vegan, and allergen-free options are available, and each meal is easy to heat in a microwave or oven.

“Clients come to us because they’re ready for a serious change in their lives, but too often, making time for a healthy diet is the hardest hurdle to overcome. We launched our healthy meal prep program to make it easier than ever to access delicious, nutritional food that’s absolutely delicious, and we couldn’t be more excited about the growth made possible by our ongoing partnership with Central Kitchen.” — Inga Golubitsky, Culinary Director

Zero Doubt Club plans to hire additional line cooks, digital marketers, and delivery drivers in 2023. More details on the meal prep and delivery service can be found on their website.

About Zero Doubt Club:

Zero Doubt Club’s mission is to help their clients become the best version of themselves. Zero Doubt Club provides 1:1 Personal Training, Life/Mindset Coaching, Nutrition Coaching and Healthy Meal Planning. Currently, Zero Doubt Club has personal training boutique gym locations on Cleveland’s East side and at Metropolitan at The 9 in downtown Cleveland.

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