Pocket Guide to Taking a New Supplement

Unlock the secrets to safely starting a new supplement, and what to consider before you begin.

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The world of supplements can be overwhelming, with new products hitting the market daily. With so many options, it can be difficult to know what supplements are truly necessary, safe, or even effective. Keep on reading below, to learn more on how you can make informed decisions about your journey into a new supplement regimen.

There are numerous types of supplements available, each with its own specific purpose, and quality. Some contain vitamins, minerals, or other essential nutrients that are necessary for overall health and well-being, while others may contain herbs, botanicals, or other natural substances that are believed to have specific health benefits.

Supplements are meant to supplement or enhance a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Supplements are normally taken in the form of pills, capsules, tablets, powders, or liquids, and are designed to provide specific nutrients or other substances that may be lacking in a person’s diet or that are needed to support optimal health.

Supplements can be used to help fill nutrient gaps in the diet, support a healthy immune system, promote healthy aging, enhance athletic performance and recovery, aid in weight management, improve mental clarity and focus, and much more. However, it’s important to note that this should not be used as a replacement for healthy habits, diet, and lifestyle, and should be taken only as directed by a healthcare professional.

How do you really know what supplements to get?

It is important to be aware that there are reliable and unreliable brands that sell and produce supplements, and it can be hard to tell what brand will actually give you what they say they are selling.

Supplements are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States in the same way that prescription drugs are. Choose from reputable manufacturers and be cautious of any potential side effects or interactions with other medications, vitamins or minerals. It’s always best practice to consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any new vitamin, mineral or wellness regimen.

Here are four things you should know when starting a new wellness routine:

4 Tips on Taking a New Supplement

  1. Speak to your healthcare provider.

Before taking any supplements, it’s important to talk to your doctor, registered dietitian, or whichever healthcare provider. They can advise you on which supplements are safe and effective for your specific health needs, if you have any nutrient deficiencies, and can also help you avoid any potential interactions with any medications you may be taking.

2. Choose high-quality supplements.

Look for supplements that are made by reputable manufacturers and are certified by third-party organizations, such as the Consumer Lab.

3. Nutritional Facts: Look at the Label.

Read the label carefully to understand the✔️dosage* ✔️ingredients and the ✔️potential side effects of the supplement.

  • Follow the recommended dosage on the label or as prescribed by your healthcare provider.

4. Take supplements with food.

Some supplements may cause stomach upset or nausea when taken on an empty stomach, so look to your healthcare provider on what is recommended for you when it comes to taking your supplement with a meal or snack to help minimize any potential side effects.

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Note: Before beginning a new wellness routine, consult your healthcare professional.

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