10 Steps to Better Self Care

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3 min readDec 6, 2022

Many of us do not make time for ourselves. We are constantly on the go, working, taking care of others or being consumed in technology and don’t prioritize the right things. The idea of self care can mean various things but it is important because it ultimately helps us balance life when things become difficult. Daily self care is important to recharge and reset. Self care can be as little as a couple of minutes a day. It is essential to not only our physical but mental well being. Self care can come in many forms, whether it be physical, mental, spiritual, social or emotional.

  1. EXERCISE- Doing just 30 minutes of exercise is just as good for your mental health as it is for your physical health. It doesn’t have to be going to the gym, it could be as simple as going for a walk. Set a goal for whatever it is you want to do. Sometimes caring for yourself is the setting of a goal and getting to feel accomplished when you achieve it. Nurturing your goals is nurturing your mind.
  2. DIET — Take Care of Your Body- Feed it properly. Eat balanced meals and make food choices that make your body feel good. Make sure you are getting adequate energy needs from your food and in the right forms. Take time to cook and drink your fluids. Skipping out on these isn’t beneficial to your body or mind.
  3. SLEEP- So many of us do not prioritize sleep. It is important to your body for it to function properly, mentally and recover itself physically. It could be as simple as shutting down the electronics when you go to bed, turn off your phone, tv, or any forms of distractions that keep our brain going. Put on some light music or meditation to wind down. Make your bedroom your place of serenity.
  4. MENTAL Self Care- Your headspace can affect your overall day. A busy mind can often be a distraction and we need to learn to decompress during some points in the day and process. Mental self care can be anything you enjoy that you can do to give your mind a break such as reading, meditating, journaling, or hobbies you enjoy.
  5. POSITIVITY — Going out of our way to be more positive helps not only us, but those around us. This will help change our environment in the right way. Even when life isn’t going your way, find a positive in the day and appreciate what you do have going for you. Practice gratitude. By expressing appreciation we naturally ground ourselves.
  6. GRATITUDE — Enjoy Little Things- It could be anything. Your accomplishments, your morning cup of coffee, your family, burning a favorite candle, watching a favorite tv show, nature, catching up on your tasks.
  7. Try Something NEW- When people think self care their mind usually goes to relaxation like the spa, this isn’t always the case. Relaxation can come in many forms so maybe try something you haven’t tried before. It could be reading a new book, or trying a new hobby, or a new place to eat. Find something that soothes your mind and soul.
  8. Get OUTSIDE — Spending time outside can boost your overall mood. It reduces your stress and encourages living in the moment. Getting fresh air is also beneficial to your health, so go take a walk, a hike, or even just sit outside.
  9. Say No to Others and YES TO YOURSELF — Sometimes we feel obligated to please everyone around us and lose sight of our own well being. We can often take on too many tasks and overwhelm ourselves, depleting our energy reserves. Saying to everyone and everything can lead to burnout. Learn to politely say no and set healthy boundaries.
  10. Get ORGANIZED — Figuring out exactly what we need to do or at least having a plan can help lower our stress. Keeping track of when things need done or prioritizing where things go can help our days run more smoothly.

All of these things interconnect. When you exercise, you want to eat right. This makes you sleep better, in turn you are then well rested to start your day in a more positive mindset. You will have the time and mental capacity to practice gratitude. With a new mindset then you then will be open to trying new things, including getting outside and appreciating and connecting with nature. All these dots connect when you start prioritizing yourself. You want all the things that make you feel good. You have transformed when all your dots connect and you authentically start firing on all cylinders.

By Meghan Cool, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach



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